exterior of a houseclick to hear

View of a house on its site with the components of its exterior structure.

exterior of a house vegetable garden garden path dormer window border fence ornamental tree gable gable vent gutter downspout garage shed grade slope property line patio flower bed porch skylight hedge sidewalk driveway roof chimney pot chimney lightning rod basement window steps cornice lawn

vegetable garden click to hear

Plot of land for growing edible plants.

garden path click to hear

Walkway bordered by plants.

pleasure garden
pleasure garden

dormer window click to hear

Small window built into the roof of a structure to let in light.

border click to hear

Garden trimming the side of a structure or pathway.

fence click to hear

Barrier made of aligned wooden planks to demarcate a lot.

ornamental tree click to hear

Tree planted for decorative purposes.

gable click to hear

Upper triangular section of a wall supporting the sides of the roof.

gable vent click to hear

Opening in the side of a gable for ventilation.

gutter click to hear

Open pipe at the bottom of the roof collecting rainwater and channeling it to the downspout.

downspout click to hear

Vertical pipe through which rainwater flows.

garage click to hear

Structure used for parking vehicles.

sectional garage door
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Galaxy Custom Kitchen Diner Booth Design Sales Twin Cities MN USA

May we have a booth please?

Galaxy Custom Booths

Featuring Our Exclusive Legless Table Base and Fully Adjustable Table Top!

It’s the number one request at any restaurant. “May we have a booth please?” There is a certain comfort level and a coziness to a booth whether you’re at a four star restaurant or at your local breakfast diner. The nature of the booth design is to use the space effectively and to create a certain atmosphere.

Galaxy Custom Booths helps you bring this intimate dining experience right into your home’s kitchen or family room.  Each booth is restaurant quality and is custom designed to your exact dimensions and configurations, then constructed with quality materials insuring both attractiveness and durability.  Choose from a variety of over 200 designer fabrics, quality naugahyde vinyl’s and table top laminates.  All with Galaxy’s exclusive legless table base

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Firma design interior – Proiecte casa, apartament clasic modern Bucuresti, Nobili Interior Design

Design interior case

Un proiect de design interior modern poate părea simplu la prima vedere, dar nu este așa. Într-o casă modernă, trebuie să dispunem de toate obiectele practice, funcționale care ne ușurează și ne îmbunătățesc viața, fără ca interiorul să pară ticsit și îngrămădit. Încorporarea tuturor pieselor de mobilier și a obiectelor indispensabile vieții de zi cu zi trebuie să se încadreze într-o geometrie perfectă, în care fiecare lucru își are locul său, în scopul creării unei perspective de ansamblu spațioase, aerisite, în care excesele și elementele supraîncărcate trebuie evitate cu orice preț.

Designul interior în stil modern se axează totodată pe o amenajare practică a spațiului, cu o volumetrie impecabilă, acesta fiind unul dintre motivele principale pentru care măsurătorile experților și realizarea schițelor 3D inițiale sunt atât de importante în reușita unui astfel de demers. Nimic nu este lăsat la voia întâmplării, pentru a putea oferi clienților noștri

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Prestige Exterior Painting | Lee’s Summit & Overland Park

No, not all the time, we do ask that you be available when we paint the front door and when we are done with the house, so you can tell us if we need to touch up anything.

Each painting project is different. Most jobs take 3 to 5 days. We give our clients an approximate start and finish dates in our proposal.

Once we start your project, we stay on it each day until we are finished unless there are circumstances beyond our control like weather that does not permit us to work. We do not work with builders, so we do not leave and go work on their houses.

Yes – We do not use your bathrooms. We take our food, drink, and bathroom breaks away from the jobsite. We will never ask to use your facilities or trouble you for any refreshments.

Yes – We clean up

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Decor Ideas Vintage Kitchen Designs

The vintage kitchen features that came with your house or rental—old appliances, dated fixtures, interesting floor materials—aren’t always the choices you would have made if you had designed from scratch. But if you don’t have the money to renovate (or you rent and can’t) or don’t want to renovate, choose to work with your vintage features, not fight against them! These sixteen kitchens get it right.

The vintage cabinet doors and drawers in the kitchen of Nicole & Ben’s Eclectic Family Pad in Western Australia are kept a natural wood color, while the rest of the space is washed in white, giving a clean feel to the whole room. Add in a handful of colorful vintage accessories, and the room is a delightful mix of old and new.

In Katrina, Draz & Eddie’s Melbourne Home, the kitchen wasn’t painted all white, or the appliances updated, or new modern furniture brought

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Best refrigerators of 2020: Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, and more

  • Every kitchen needs a good refrigerator but finding one that’s energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and spacious enough to hold your weekly grocery haul is key. 
  • Our top pick is the Samsung 24.6 cubic foot French Door Fridge because it has lots of useful features and looks and performs like a much more expensive fridge.

When I was growing up, my family always had a standard white, freezer-on-top refrigerator. At some point, many of my friends started getting fridges with built-in water and ice dispensers on the door. I was enamored with this high-tech feature and never tired of helping myself to a glass of water.

Of course, refrigerators have come a long way since then. Recently, at The Home Depot, my eight-year-old daughter and her friend amused themselves for half an hour playing with a futuristic Samsung Family Hub Smart Refrigerator. They used their fingers to draw pictures and make notes on

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Mustang Exterior

Mustang Exterior
Cougar Exterior


Exterior Components
(Note: Click thumbnails to enlarge pictures)

rearSpoiler2.jpg (40546 bytes)

spoiler.jpg (6988 bytes)

Rear Spoiler

The rear spoiler was a factory option available on the Mach
1, Boss 351 and Sports roof. A low-gloss textured black paint was used on
it from the factory. The diagram below shows the spoiler installation.

By the way, if you are adding a rear spoiler
to your to a non spoiler decklid, you will need to change the torsion rods,
otherwise, the extra weight of the spoiler will keep your decklid from
staying propped open when the trunk is open.

There are two different torsion rods (aka springs) for the Mustang
SportsRoof. The ones without spoiler are (D1ZZ-6344890-A and
D1ZZ-6344891-A). The for use with a spoiler

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Regrow Lettuce Activity For Kids

It’s pretty clear that science is everywhere including in the kitchen. Most of our classic science experiments use basic kitchen ingredients. That makes for a lot of learning with only a few simple materials. We decided to try to regrow lettuce from the ends of our romaine hearts to see what would happen. Check out how to regrow lettuce from our simple steps below.


Growing Lettuce from Stump Kitchen Science Experiment


Looking for easy to print activities, and inexpensive problem-based challenges? 

We have you covered…

Click below to get your quick and easy STEM challenges. 

For our regrowing lettuce activity, we simply used the stumps of two romaine hearts.  You could also do this activity with any other lettuce you have on hand.

STEP 1:  Place the lettuce hearts in a shallow container of water.  Make sure the water does not cover the

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36 Bathtub Ideas With Luxurious Appeal

What could be more relaxing than a nice long soak? The answer: soaking in a tub that looks as good as it feels! When it comes time to unwind, slipping into those shimmering suds feels like a mini-vacation. And compared to hitting the spa for some well-deserved “me time”, a luxurious tub is an indulgence that pays for itself time and time again. Whether you’re looking for the latest features or just want something that fits your carefully coordinated decor, this curated collection of designer bathtubs is sure to inspire. So dim the lights, put on some soft music, and sink into the tub of your dreams.

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White Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta

White Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta

Do you dream of owning white kitchen cabinets in your Atlanta home? Let the experts from Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia help design, manufacture and install the cabinets you’ve been dreaming about- and turn them into a reality.


If you’re like many homeowners, you want your kitchen to reflect your unique style. Installing white kitchen cabinets in your Atlanta home will result in beauty and value that you’ll be able to enjoy long into the future. Working with the seasoned professionals from Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia, you’ll see the results that matter to you, as their craftsmen are dedicated to your complete satisfaction.


Kitchen Cabinets Atlanta Georgia works with a variety of high-end kitchen cabinet companies that offer exceptional quality products, including Wellborn Cabinets, Mouser Cabinets, KraftMaid Cabinets, Merrilat Cabinets and Medallion Cabinets. Each companies brings something unique to the table and offers their own brand

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