Hallway Bathroom Update: Updated Vanity and Lights Featuring Lights.com – THE BALLER ON A BUDGET

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Jun and I are in the home stretch of completing our hallway bathroom DIY renovation! We finished replacing our shower as well as tile flooring last month, but I’ve been so eager to finally make some good headway on our vanity area. Unfortunately, with all of the changes we’ve had to make to work around the COVID-19 pandemic, it took us some time to safely acquire all of the materials we needed to update all of the electrical in this bathroom.

Our home was built in the 90’s and as we tore through the walls, we discovered so many issues with the electrical wiring and basically needed to rewire half of our entire home to

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Interior Design Company & Interior Contractors Dubai

About BHL Interior Design Company Dubai

BHL Interior Design Company Dubai & Interior Contractors the leading example for interior companies in Dubai with high reputation name in the field of interior design and interior work in Dubai for commercials and residential projects. With high quality of standards and professionalism. BHL Interior Design Company Dubai offers its working experience in the field of interior design and interior contractors in dubai. We have combination of experience and professionalism when it comes to interior design, interior architecture, interior work with best in house interior designers of international experience with dynamics interior designs, which suits ambience and attention on every project with interior architects and dedicated interior designers who focuses attention on projects to ensure high quality material and best interior design With tag line of Top Interior Design firm in Dubai. BHL Interior Design Company Dubai brings high standard of art designs for

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Freestanding Sinks | Modern Pedestal Sinks

Installing your sink by yourself can be quite a daunting undertaking, Badeloft is committed to making the process as easy and as rewarding as possible. With the right tools and knowledge, many of the steps can be done by yourself, just make sure to measure both your sink and your install space before installing and please consult our video here if you have any further questions-step by step guide here. If you are still stuck, please consult a professional.

As the centerpiece of any bathroom, a freestanding sink offers a modern and innovative design that adds style and grace to any bathroom. For instance, a bowl sink can change the ambient feel of your bathroom, offering a more natural and rustic feel, similar to an old wash basin. Or, if you prefer, a more rectangular freestanding sink can give your bathroom a more modern feel when contrasted to your bathtub

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Chevrolet P30 21′ Step Van Food Truck

Chevrolet P30 21′ Step Van Food Truck with 2019 Kitchen Build-Out for Sale in Wisconsin!

Item No: WI-T-611H2

This 1980 Chevrolet P30 6.5′ x 21′ gasoline food truck should be the ticket to achieving your goals! Vehicle was purchased in 2017 and converted to a food truck in 2019. It has a title and is currently licensed for road use. More details available below!
$26,320. in Wisconsin 

Truck comes with new bright white paint was applied June of 2019 and large vinyl graphics applied to both sides June of 2019. Engine is in very good condition with a new carburettor installed in May 2019. Heat riser in exhaust manifold was redone and lubed, and truck timing was set May of 2019. Truck starts and runs very well and gets good gas mileage, probably around 15 mpg. With a standing inside height of 6.3′ and a year of usage

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8 Easy Ideas for Cottage Garden-Inspired Decor

Use what you have to create a happy, garden-inspired vignette

vintage metal drawer cabinet with cottage garden decor

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Hello, friends! I hope you’re safe and sound and hanging in there. We’re living in strange and unsettling times right now so it’s nice to be able to have a little happy zone somewhere in your house if possible. 

Today I’m joining with some of my thrifty, vintage-loving friends to share some ideas for garden decor. Perfect for this time of year, right? Plus there’s nothing more hopeful than flowers blooming or planting a garden.

Our group normally scours thrift stores and finds items to use or upcycle for our themes. But with things being the way they are, we’re either using what we already had on hand or what we found a few weeks ago. We’re not encouraging anyone to go out thrifting at this time.

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What’s cooking in your socially distanced kitchen?

Illustration for article titled Last Call: What’s cooking in your socially distanced kitchen?

Photo: Morsa Images (Getty Images)

Last CallLast CallLast Call is The Takeout’s online watering hole where you can chat, share recipes, and use the comment section as an open thread. Here’s what we’ve been reading/watching/listening around the office today.

Several pedantic editor types have been appearing on my Twitter feed lately to remind me that this period is not a quarantine, not technically:

All right, fine. But “social distancing” and “shelter in place” aren’t as catchy, either. They also don’t convey the same feeling of irritation, boredom, and pent-up frustration. And by the time this is over, it’s likely many of us will have spent the 40 days cut off from society that gave us the word “quarantine.” Last night I dreamed about riding the el and going to the office. I haven’t picked up a new language or perfected a new skill

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The Interior Design Building

Situated centrally in what is arguably the nations prime district for interior design, the 110 year-old Interior Design Building is home to some of the most celebrated interior design and antique merchants in the country. The seven floor property is located on the affluent Upper East Side of Manhattan, and caters to those who demand the highest quality décor and antiques.

More About Us

As some of the most distinguished antiques and interior design collectors and merchants in America, the merchants of the Interior Design Building set a precedent within the market. Each merchant showcases a distinctive and desirable collection, offering amongst the highest quality in the Nation.

Find a Merchant

By housing merchants of similar specific interest and superior quality in the same seven floor building, space in the Interior Design Building offers more than just the advantages of prime location, an aesthetic environment and market proximity. Each antique

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6 Decorating Tips From a Top Interior Designer

Grant K. Gibson has been designing homes for more than 15 years. Originally from Los Angeles, the 39-year-old designer, who’s now based in San Francisco, takes pride in creating living spaces that speak to the personality, preferences and experiences of his clients. Now, he’s releasing his first book, The Curated Home, which takes readers inside his design process and educates them on how to develop a timeless and curated interior that’ll fulfill their aesthetic tastes for years to come. “It’s not only about practical tips — how to display objects from travels, what to look for when making furniture purchases and the type of paints that work best in a particular room — but also how to think like an interior designer,” Gibson writes in the book’s introduction.

Below, Gibson shares some advice on where to start when tackling design projects. So whether you’re furnishing a new home, updating

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Bathroom-Remodeling-hints – Bathroom-Remodeling-hints | Home


There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling project. For each homeowner
the reasons may vary. The homeowner of today wants more from their bath. In addition to just being
functional, homeowners are looking to make their bath a soothing environment where they can relax after the
business of the day. More amenities are being added today, and a bathroom remodel project may include the
addition of a large deep soaking tub, a whirlpool bath or
 steam shower.

At Bathroom Remodeling Hints we offer many helpful bath
remodel tips
, as well as feature quality
 fixtures, materials, and accessories to
aid in completing a successful remodel. Discover information and tips on lighting, bathtubs, showers, faucets, sinks, bathroom vanities, flooring and much

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